Our World

What do we mean by ‘our world’?

Welcome to GlobalSoul, the jewellery brand that awakens your inner spirit through its symbolic meanings and messages. 

I am Jacqui Land and I am the creator of GlobalSoul Jewellery. I’ve been designing my pieces since 2008, when my first creations came to me in meditation. My spiritual journey started over 20 years ago and I want to share with you through my brand that mindfulness and meditation really makes a positive difference in the way we experience life.

What do we mean by ‘our world’?

It’s simple really, we live by the belief that everything is energy and we are connected to all things.  What we think we create, so being mindful in our thoughts is a daily practice for us. We believe that love and kindness heal, and we endeavour to be both things in all areas of life.

GlobalSoul is A Seed for Inner Peace, energetically working to raise consciousness through each of its collections. The 5 CHI Collections are powerful energy pieces that awaken your inner spirit. Each piece is enthused with divine energy and is designed with the intention of setting you free and assisting you to connect to your inner heart through its symbolic meanings, messages and meditations. 

"We all seek to live an abundant and happy life and my jewellery helps you do this through conscious intention."

The world of new beginnings and unlimited potential awaits you!

Our Ethos

Every soul on this planet is equal to the next and it is when we feel disconnected, we lose the reality of who we truly are. Our passion and intention is to empower and help you awaken to the reality of your infinite possibilities in living life and experiencing inner peace.

GlobalSoul is based in  Birmingham, UK, and each of our designs are created and made with love by carefully chosen silversmiths. We choose our suppliers based on their ethical values and if they don't match ours, then there's no partnership.

Sterling Silver is carefully sourced along with using a local and reputable company who supplies the Rose Gold Plate service. Only pure genuine Swarovski Elements are used along with genuine semi-precious crystals. The planet needs our help and we promise to be conscious of the silver that we use and aim to use recycled or Fairtrade Silver.

NO children are used to make any of our pieces and all assembly is done within the company. 

Each piece of GlobalSoul Jewellery is kept with high energy crystals before shipment and we recommend that you do the same with your pieces. 

Our Mantra is "We are all one, We are all equal and Love is what binds us together" - Jacqui

  GlobalSoul is proud to be a member of the NAJ the governing body for the jewellery industry. JLK is the personal assay mark for GlobalSoul and is marked at the Birmingham Assay Office.



Each Soul on this planet is valuable and we believe that children of this world need our support more than ever. Children are our future and we must invest in their well-being, for them to bring peace into this world.


Universal Promise

We at GlobalSoul promise to consciously work towards sharing our message around the world to raise consciousness.

To work with small communities to have our packaging made so they can build their own future for sustainable living.

To consciously work with visionaries and global peace leaders for us all to become the change we want to see in the world.

We sell online to keep our prices real so that we can support the charities the best way that we can.

To change children's lives through starting our very own Children's Foundation building programmes to teach children to meditate and connect with their inner heart to empower them to live their lives in peace.

“Caring is Sharing” and we promise to consciously share our profits to support selected worldwide children’s charities.