Our World - Soul2soul

Each Soul on this planet is valuable and we believe that children of this world need our support more than ever. Children are our future and we must invest in their well-being, for them to bring peace into this world.


Universal Promise

We at GlobalSoul promise to consciously work towards sharing our message around the world to raise consciousness.

To work with small communities to have our packaging made so they can build their own future for sustainable living.

To consciously work with visionaries and global peace leaders for us all to become the change we want to see in the world.

We sell online to keep our prices real so that we can support the charities the best way that we can.

To change children's lives through starting our very own Children's Foundation building programmes to teach children to meditate and connect with their inner heart to empower them to live their lives in peace.

“Caring is Sharing” and we promise to consciously share our profits to support selected worldwide children’s charities.