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The world of new beginnings and unlimited potential awaits you!

Welcome to GlobalSoul, the jewellery brand that awakens your inner spirit through it's symbolic meanings and messages. 

Jacqui Land Keavney is the creator of GlobalSoul Jewellery and is based in Birmingham in the U.K.  Jacqui has been designing jewellery since 2008 when her Chi Collection came through to her in meditation and her business has grown from there.

Each piece is enthused with divine energy and is designed with the intention of setting you free and assisting you to connect to your inner heart through its symbolic meanings, messages and meditations.

"We all seek to live an abundant and happy life and my jewellery helps you do this through conscious intention."

"My passion is kindness and I take every opportunity to live and be it in every day of my life. I feel very passionate about helping others especially children and it breaks my heart to see how the human race treat each other. The Dalai Lama states, “The only religion is Kindness" and I agree, because if we can all be kind to each other then we wouldn’t have the suffering that we have in the world today.


GlobalSoul is based in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and each of Jacqui's designs are created and made with love by carefully chosen silversmiths. GlobalSoul chooses their suppliers based on their ethical values and if they don't match then there's no partnership.

Sterling Silver is carefully sourced along with using a local and reputable company who supplies the Rose Gold Plate service. Only pure genuine Swarovski Elements are used along with genuine semi precious crystals.

NO children are used to make any of their pieces and all assembly is done within the company. 

Each piece of GlobalSoul Jewellery is kept with high energy crystals before shipment and Jacqui recommends that you do the same with your pieces. 



GlobalSoul is proud to be a member of the NAJ the governing body for the jewellery industry. JLK is the personal assay mark for GlobalSoul and is marked at the Birmingham Assay Office.


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Remember You Are More Than You Think You Are… Warm smiles and gratitude.